The focus of our engagement with different Indian Cities is to help them showcase and leverage their unique cultural heritage (natural, built, and intangible) with a place-making approach to transform their challenges into opportunities to help combat climate change, traffic congestion, and achieve environmental resilience is.

Be it creating destination parks along the new Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad, model complete-street design in Pune, the multi-modal-integration at Chattarpur Metro Station in Delhi, or the lake-revitalization in Coimbatore - we are proud to have been able to help the different cities unlock the potential of their public open spaces, and catalyse new urban standards for public realms to improve overall environmental resilience; and achieve better 'quality of life'.

Using a cross-sectoral systems approach and a place-making focus, the team at Oasis Designs Inc has successfully scripted the winning Smart City Plans for Guwahati, and Shimla - both securing a place in the Smart City Challenge in their first attempts. The Hriday Plan for Amritsar, the visioning for Puri, the TOD study for the 69 km. long Mumbai Suburban Railway corridor and the ongoing work for the Chennai Mega Streets under the North Chennai package extending to approx 14