HRIDAY, Toolkit For Amritsar

Oasis assisted CRCI, who were the Hriday City Anchors to identify gaps through infrastructure need assessment for water supply, sanitation, drainage, waste management, approach roads, footpaths, street lights, tourist conveniences, electricity wiring landscaping etc, as per locally applicable standards including the Master Plan, Building Byelaws and guidelines. City specific DPR Toolkits with architectural and urban design specifications, including color palate, materials used and special architectural features, etc. to ensure heritage based aesthetic development of infrastructure, with support from the City Mission Directorate to require to be prepared for the areas for which CIDPs would be developed. A concept plan for development/ renovation of the City Museum/ Cultural Park was also prepared. A Concept Plan was also prepared for renovation of an existing City Museum Cultural park or development of a New City Museum/ Cultural Park which highlighted the history, art, music, dance, culture, cuisine, literature etc. indigenous to the city.


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