SMART CITY, Guwahati

Smart City, Guwahati:

The Smart City mission was launched on Jun 2015, with a focus to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology with smart solutions. The program was taken up in two stages. The city after clearing the first stage got selected into the final list of 98 smart cities and cleared to submit a smart city proposal.

The second stage of the Smart City Proposal was prepared, with an aim to leverage city's unique locational advantage and to establish its dominance, serve as the hub for the entire North-Eastern region and become a world-class destination in terms of tourism, business, trade, education and health. To achieve this, the SCP plan proposed to use the city's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty as the key anchor not only for attracting tourists, but also to help convert the city's present infrastructure challenges into opportunities by using place-making as a tool to achieve a climate-resilient city.

The Smart City Plan’s strategic was on creating sustainable model for urban renewal where opportunities like value-capture along the newly proposed Metro corridor will be studied while finalizing the possible alignment of the corridor. The SCP also recommends a ‘special area’ to be notified in the Master Plan (currently under revision) along the metro corridor, with benefits like purchasable FAR to be made available to incentivize ‘urban renewal’ with the help of Transit-oriented development.

Set of modern eco-sensitive districts where proposed be prepared under the scheme that shall focus on creating compact, high density mixed use communities to cater to the growing demand and the growth of the city, while managing the transportation needs by being designed as walk able districts connected to mass-transit.


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