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About Us

Since its inception in 2001- Oasis Designs Inc. has been involved in four areas of practice: Architecture, Landscape Planning, Master planning and Urban Design. The firm has a multi-disciplinary team comprising of Architects, Landscape architects and Urban Designers working in various cities acrossIndia.

Having a strong commitment towards improving the 'quality of life' in our cities, Oasis Designs Inc. has been consistently involved in designing various urban level projects like urban precincts, public spaces, streetscapes, revitalization of water bodies in the cities, eco corridors utilizing the drains of the city, open space network of the city, sustainable storm water management practices, promoting working landscape as an catalyst for Transit Oriented Development and other urban regeneration projects.

The design philosophy of the firm is to transcend the conventional boundaries of design between urban design, Architecture, Transport planning and Landscape to create unique and eco-sensitive meaningful urban realms adopting sustainable design practices in the local urban context which responds to the global climate change mitigation challenges. The firm brings togetheran umbrella of special skill sets, with the help of its in-house team and a group of talented and like-minded sub consultants, which includeTransport Planners, Urban Designers, Engineers, Environmentalists etc. to be involved in the design of public architecture/ Urban Design, into a single managed service.Experience in all kinds of projects- allows the firm to effectively deal with all the inherent issues during design and implementation of projects of varying size, complexity and importance.

As a firm it is our constant endeavor to showcase environmentally sustainable and contextually relevant projects. We have also formed pressure groups, through our advocacy programs to bring about positive changes for our ever expanding cities which are facing multiple challenges.The team believes in improving the public realm of every city by creating awareness amongst various stake holders, government agencies, institutions by participating in lectures and workshops organized by UTTIPEC, CSE, ITDP, DRONAH, IHCN etc. which are responsible for improvement in urban environment.


  • Streetscapes & Junctions
  • Multimodal Integration
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Water Fronts & Parks
  • Greenways
  • Master Planning & Urban Design