Visioning of Transit Oriented Development of Trilokpuri:

The aim of the project was to design the immediate zone around all Phase III Metro Stations (50-300M) to provide essential facilities and amenities at appropriate distances as per the UTTIPEC MRTS multimodal integration checklist so that efficient, convenient and safe inter modal connectivity is possible for all Metro users.

While looking at the MMI of the Trilokpuri metro station Oasis identified a DDA commercial land right around the proposed metro station. So they went back to UTTIPEC with a proposal to convert this pocket into a TOD project. UTTIPEC then officially asked Oasis to formulate a TOD Guideline framework for this site. Some of the tasks performed for the same is described below.

Identify modify/amend existing comprehensive plan policies and/or land development regulations, policy changes, DCR amendments in order to achieve the desired intent of the scenario. Lake city development was an initiative taken up for station area planning, but after doing the SWOT analysis a TOD vision was conceptualized to develop the whole block on TOD principles after a detail investigation in the existing development plan and regulations. A TOD vision plan as well as Strategic Plan was prepared along with conceptual station area plan.


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