Our Work

Invested in creating more vibrant, more resilient & eco-sensitive, better connected people-friendly cities - the team at Oasis is always on the look-out for opportunity to transform the public areas in our urban centres. Be it streetscapes, waterfronts, riverfronts, lake rejuvenation, greenways, marketplaces, or multi-modal integration at Transit Stations - the designs always focused on showcasing sustainable, walkable public realms that celebrates the city context. Backed with more than two decades of experience of working in the public realm.... the team now focuses on creating world-class destination spaces.

In pursuit of creating meaningful, active, and eco-sensitive public realms, the landscape-urban design Masterplanning, Transit-Oriented-Development, Multi-Modal-Integration at Transit Hubs, Street-design, public parks, waterfronts etc. - are the areas of work where we bring together our concern for environment and ecology, while designing vibrant public spaces to celebrate and improve the 'quality of life' in our cites. Safe, equitable, accessible public open spaces designed for different age-groups is our passion.

List of Projects