As Part of the MMI project UTTIPEC officially asked Oasis to formulate a TOD Guideline framework for the Railway Land which was falling in the Influence zone of the ITO metro station. This scope was added later as UTTIPEC was directed by the Northern Railways officials to look at possibilities of converting their ITO railway land into a TOD project.
The railway land along the railway line in the ITO area have been identified, a TOD vision have been prepared by identifying & modifying/amending existing comprehensive plan policies and/or land development regulations, policy changes, DCR amendments in order to achieve the desired intent of the scenario.
ITO TOD is an initiative taken up for station area planning, but after doing the SWOT analysis a TOD vision was conceptualized to develop the whole block on TOD principles after a detail investigation in the existing development plan and regulations. A TOD vision plan as well as Strategic Plan was prepared along with conceptual station area plan at the railway land and network planning for the whole catchment area.
A Comprehensive Circulation network (MV, NMV & Pedestrian) and Parking/ Pedestrianization plan for ITO complex considering present/future destined and through traffic movement within the study area has been made. As this area has three metro station , 1 ring rail and few bus stop, a conceptual precinct plan have been prepared for the entire study area illustrating the comprehensive Urban Design and circulation network plan with UTTIPEC for the 800mt radius catchment area around the metro station.
Participated in the core group UTTIPEC stakeholders meeting to discuss various design approaches and principles emerging from the design team.

Project Facts

Location: Railway Land near ITO, Delhi
Status: Completed
Services:Sustainable Mobility, Place-Making


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