Planned as a city-level park around the meandering Lohia Rivulet in the city of Greater Noida, this park amalgamates nearly 100 acres of land on either side of the drain, to create a unique ecological promenade park located in the heart of the institutional sectors of the city. Planned as a linear facility, this park offers walking and cycling shortcuts to help the young students to use the park as part of their daily commute. With a myriad of attractions like the children's play areas, boating lake, amphitheatre, bridge connections, food courts, arts and crafts stalls, botanical garden, showcase gardens, the entire park is designed around the promenades flanking the natural stream on either side.

The eco-restoration of this stormwater drain and use of its treated water to create a new destination park for the city, with a focus on showcasing the eco-system services that the park offers in terms of managing stormwater, cleansing the wastewater offers a unique experience for the visitor.


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