RAJKOT GREENWAY, Rajkot, Gujarat

Initiated by ITDP – this project aims at creating a new green infrastructure for the city of Rajkot, in contrast to the concrete channelization of the drain being undertaken. The concrete drain channel loses all its ecological value and in-fact starts contributing to the problem of urban-heat-island-effect and also compound the problem of stormwater management by allowing more and more water to be transported faster without any chance of it to recharging back into the city’s groundwater aquifer.

The greenway solution shall help the city restore the ecological functions of the drain channel, allow for better stormwater management, help treat wastewater and also create a new green public open space with walkways and cycling tracks. The newly imagined green infra-structure for reclaiming the drain and transforming it into a showcase the regions bio-diversity, provide habitat for aquatic life, birds etc.; shall also help people understand the value of nature in urban lives and demonstrate the need to co-exist.


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