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Ring Road, New Delhi

The busiest street of the capital city of Delhi, the ring road enjoys a ROW of 90-100 mts., catering mostly to busy lanes of motorized vehicular traffic, and allied infrastructure of flyovers, signal free movement of traffic etc.; the streetscape design assignment of this busy arterial road of Delhi gave us the unique opportunity to focus on the needs of the non-motorised vehicle-users, needs of the pedestrians, cyclists and vendors etc.
The new design of the Ring Road for Delhi was created based on the principles of 'equitable distribution' of road space, ensuring wide, barrier-free, one level foot-paths and segregated track for non-motorized vehicles (NMVs). Some of these details found a proud inclusion in the UTTIPEC Street Design Guidelines (2009).
The streetscape design showcased details of 6-inch high, universally-accessible footpaths that would be continuous and not dip down for a car-entry, the car would be required to go up & down to negotiate the one-level foot-path. This clear focus on creating an international-class walkable public-realm also helped the design create places along the streets for people to sit around, for vendors to sell their street-food, making the entire experience of walking the street more vibrant and safe.
The design also ensured bus-stops to be designed as a hub of activities, and planned locations for public conveniences to be incorporated near the bus-stops on PPP mode, to be constructed and maintained from the advertising revenue.
Streets for people, safe crossings, universal accessibility with disabled-friendly ramps, tactile tile markers, audible pelican signals etc. were some of the features incorporated in the design; in addition to a pedestrian level signage design and street furniture.