The package assigned to us comprises of the most happening streets in the heart of Pune - amongst which notably are included the J.M.Road and the F.C.Road - which recently have been designated as one-way streets - thus offering fantastic potential to being redeveloped as destination spaces on the lines of the Orchard Road in Singapore. This exciting range of possibilities to reclaim space along the roads and reposition them as destination public spaces is the main theme concept that Oasis is proposing. Once approved and implemented, the city of Pune can look forward to a new public realm, connecting all the popular destinations, to a new riverfront promenade and better designed public parks.

The roads shall be designed to create cycle track and wide pedestrian plaza spaces to allow people to walk around safely.

Each street being treated as a public open space shall aim to integrate with all the public land uses adjoining the street be it a park, religious plaza, destination places, landmark buildings, heritage objects, retail shops, etc. to create a cohesive ,all inclusive connected public realm for the city.