Oasis Designs Inc. initiated the design of the first multi-modal integration at the Chattarpur Metro Station in South Delhi based on the UTTIPEC Street Design Guidelines and Metro Station Checklist.

The new international class metro station attract over 20,000 footfalls daily and most of these people making their journey on the metro need different last-mile connectivity to and from the station. The pilot design for multi-modal integration at the Chattarpur metro station aims to enable convenient, modern, safe and universally accessible, barrier free environment for people to connect to different modes of transport like the public buses, feeder buses, Non-motorized transportation and other para-transit modes. This shall encourage better connectivity to and from the metro stations and hopefully help convert al lot of small vehicular trips to more sustainable modes. Special care is taken to design the entire facility as a ‘pedestrian-first’ zone both in terms of climate comfort, shade etc.


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