WELLington, Crossing Republik, Ghaziabad

The residential landscape for this housing project, situated in the Crossings Republik Township focused on maximizing the locational advantage of the site, which overlooks the lake and golf course. The mix-use architecture allowed the frontage of the property to be developed as a shopping plaza to cater to the ground floor and basement retail. This was carefully planned as not to compromise the security of the main residential complex. Interesting use of grill-gates in the design allow for the resident area to maintain its privacy while being connected visually to the vibrant shopping plaza.
The landscape design focuses on creating a pedestrian realm at the ground level by taking all the cars directly to the basement, from where residents can access the lifts leading them directly to their apartments
On the main entry, the design had provided a banquet hall and lawn which allows residents to invite guests and throw parties, without disturbing anybody inside the residential area of the project.
To maximize the open space on the ground level, the design has created lower level cut-out for a open-air swimming pool, which is lined with functions like the gymnasium, salon and other indoor games areas. This allows the entire roof of these club activities to be merged as the open garden spaces on the ground floor.
Creating maximum open play areas, the landscape design aims to create multi-use spaces in the project; where for instance the entrance between two buildings is designed to double up as a skating club for children during lazy afternoons, the pocket parks double up as badminton courts, and open lawns cater to ball games and free play.


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