Crossings Republik roads, Ghaziabad

Sustainability in terms of transport
The entire township is within 10 minute walking ,therefore promoting the concept of ‘Eco Mobility’ Segregated, dedicated ,continuous, uninterrupted wide walkway with continuous tree line have been provided along both sides of vehicular roads. There are few only pedestrian and cycle routes connecting the public spaces and roundabout a major commercial hub which also helping shorten the walking distances. The pathways would be provided with seating and shelters which besides acting as outdoor social interactive spaces would also protect the pedestrians from the harsh and unpredictable climatic conditions.
Cycle tracks have been provided along the vehicular roads, sidewalks and within the green areas. The tracks are hard paved and well lit. Adequate number of cycle stands and electric charging stations are also provided at various locations (like shopping areas, bus stands, community activities etc.) to help facilitate maximum use of bicycles.

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